TAAMOL© – Correspondence Management System

TAAMOL© is a Correspondence Management System provides an integrated solutions for Administration Communication in a new way and can be delivered to the customers as a standard or customized solution to fit their needs. The system can process different types of correspondences (Internal, Incoming and Outgoing), send them electronically and enable the users to track and search for it in a safe and secure environment.
An up to date technologies used to build the system and enrich it with lots of features to compete other systems in the market, the system built on top of IBM FileNet P8 engine provided by IBM.

TAAMOL© Features and Specifications

  • Infrastructure and Network
  • New design Model using Metro-Style-UI.
  • Using Ajax technology in most functions so there will be no need to reload the whole page.
  • Built on top of IBM FileNet PE and CE engines
  • JPA (Hibernate) used to build the data Tier, so the application can run on different database type
  • The system can installed on different operating systems (windows, UNIX, AIX…etc.)
  • Permissions: the system provide a flexible way to grant and remove permissions from users without the need of system administrator
  • Register new correspondences (Internal, Incoming and Outgoing) and send them electronically to users and/or departments
  • Private Inbox and shared Inbox
  • Data search and filtering
  • Use Keywords feature to ease the search and retrieval
  • Basic and advance search
  • Batch action on number of correspondences
  • See the attached documents without need to install any extra software
  • Provide Delivery reports and Statistical reports
  • Enable the users to link related correspondences electronically to each other
  • 1-Dimensional and 2-Dimensional (QR) Barcode Types
  • Notifications: SMS and Email Notification
  • Reminders and Escalations
  • Mobile Applications (iOS and Android): enables users to perform several actions on correspondences and retrieve them
  • Office Integration: enable the users to perform several actions on correspondences using Microsoft office suite
  • Works on different browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome)

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