Aidea (Blood Management System)

Aidea - Blood Management System

All-in-One Blood Transfusion Management System
The right way to manage the process.

The system developed by ITPS has a main goal of managing the whole life-cycle of the blood donation process. The cycle starts from managing campaigns and events to collect blood from donors, then goes through a whole process of testing and lab works, and finally the result is a blood component bag that is transfused to a patient. This system supports the health care industry. The system can be applied to run in Hospitals, Blood Transfusion Centers, or Health Organizations.

Web App - Dashboard

Works on any platform, anywhere

Aidea works flawlessly on any platform, as it has a native mobile application that can be installed on both Android or IOS, and integrates and works seamlessly with the system database. This is very powerful in case there is a fault in the PC, as the user working on the system can open the Mobile app and continue his work seamlessly without any issues.

Search the donors database, from any location
Manage and organize Campaign Events.
Full donation cycle from registering details to the phlebotomy process.
Auto decision making on donor based on test results, from serology.
Effective dynamic reporting to support high-level decision-making.
Track the status of any bag by its bar-code through the system
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Flexibility To Full-fill Your Business Needs Exactly

Aidea is built with Micro-services architecture in mind, so each module in the system can be used separately matching exactly with your business needs. Therefore you can guarantee that you will only Pay for what you use. Also, this will help you add and remove modules from the system as your business requirements change.

  • Promotion Module
    Promotion Module
    Ability to create and manage the in-house process of campaign events. These event can be occurring events or even one-time event.
  • Donation Module
    Donation Module
    Works within active campaign events to manage the process from registering the donor details, adding medical checkup data, drawing blood from the donor. After the campaign is finished they dispatch the collected blood bags, and samples.
  • Serology Module
    Serology Module
    The samples dispatched from a campaign event is reconciled in the serology lab to start applying tests on the blood, and make 100% that its free from any viruses.
  • Processing Module
    Processing Module
    Works in parallel with the serology to apply necessary blood processing to extract components. This module depends on serology right before when the label is printed to make sure will it be free and released to issuing stores, or will it be discarded and withdrawn later on.
  • Issuing Module
    Issuing Module
    Managing the stores where the released blood components will be. Also there will be an ability to the bar-code progress through the system.
  • Patient Module
    Patient Module
    Handle the patients that will receive blood donations, including their check-in process till the patient receives the service they need.
  • Billing Module
    Billing Module
    Manage the necessary billing cycles to cover the patients needs, either they are covered by medical insurance or they are directly billed, the system can handle any case possible.
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Powerful Dynamic Reporting Dashboard

Aidea has a strongly powerful reporting dashboard for high-decision support. The reporting is built on top of Power BI engine by Microsoft to support a dynamic data mining engine, resulting in high-value information.

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